2D Shooter: Shield Strength

Objective: Increase the strength of the shield with each collected powerup so it can take up to three hits before breaking, and create a visual element to keep track how many hits are left.

First, let’s add these two variables to our script, I put them near our variable for the shield visual for organizational purposes:

Now we need to get the sprite renderer component and assign it to to _shieldColor by using GetComponent() in the start method.

Now let’s go to the method that activates the shield powerup. We’ll want to increase _shieldLife here and make some conditions that explain what color we want the shield to take when its at a certain amount of points.

Now we’ll want to do something similar in the damage method, where we want the shield to go back to a certain color whenever it takes damage.

We want to return; after each statement so that the code doesn’t continue and removes life points from the player. But once this is done, you should have a shield that can take up to three hits once you collect three shield powerups.

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